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Janice Benthin

Janice Benthin

Janice Benthin is a writer/producer with a diverse background in all aspects of the media, as well as media education. Most recently she was Training Director for the Inuit Broadcasting Corporation, located in Iqaluit. This was a position she held for four years.

During that time she instituted training programs with the producers of North of 60, the University of Calgary New Media Centre and the Banff Centre for the Arts. Janice also arranged IBC co-productions and apprenticeships with several international independent producers and production companies including Faustfilm in Germany and Ragdoll Productions in the U.K. Canadian independent production partners include Nutaaq Media, Martin Kreelak, Linda Tucktoo and Ole Gjerstad (Secret Stories, Amarok's Song, Amarok Series in Inuktitut)

She also worked as Interim Executive Director for the International Centre of Films for Children and Young People (CIFEJ). Her work with CIFEJ included production of the award-winning documentary Secret Stories (Prix Juenesse International 1996, OCIC Fourth World Video and Multi-media Forum Jury Prize, Hot Docs best documentary for youth). Secret Stories is a documentary that arose from the Teen Video Stories project. Janice was the video-maker for two of the workshops for teens at risk. She worked with Inuit teens in Taloyoak and with Kalinga teens in the remote mountains of the Phillipines.

Before that Janice was field producer for Street Cents, Entertainment Tonight and Extra in Calgary. There she was also production manager for national commercials shot in southern Alberta. While in Calgary she produced the award-winning drama The Three of Us One Summer adapted from a script by Clem Martini.

Janice was the creator of the popular and innovative pre-teen television series After School. This program won the Access In-School Innovative Television Contest in 1980, and was latter sponsored by Superchannel in Saskatchewan where it won the Saskatchewan Film and Video Showcase award for best children's program in 1989. Altogether this series ran five days a week for a total of 7 years in both provinces.

Janice is currently working with Nutaaq Media in Montreal.