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Capturing Spirit
Capturing Spirit: An Inuit Journey

Capturing Spirit; An Inuit Journey is a dramatic portayal of the life challenges facing Inuit youth today.

The 70 minute film follows the lives of two character as they become young adults. It chronicals the everyday struggles, challenges and successes they face growing up in a small Arctic town. Lead characters Ben Watt and Evie Mark must grapple with family strife, physical and alcohol abuse, suicide and clashing cultures as they grow up. Dramatic vignettes highlight events and choices in their lives from birth to adulthood.

The wisdom of the past is presented by a talking Inukshuk and Arctic Tern Using imaginative special effects and 3D animation, these characters provide a counterpoint to the live action sequences.

Produced for the Makivik Corporation, the film was directed by Albert Nerenberg based on a script by Sheila Watt Cloutier, Tarqralik Partridge, Bob Mesher and

The film was shot in Kuujjuaq in northern Quebec and had a cast of almost 50 actors from the local community.

Information on the video can be obtained from the Makivik Corporation
514-634-8091 or at

Produced for theMakivik Corporation by Nutaaq Média Inc.

Executive Producer-Makivik Sheila Watt-Cloutier
Featuring Peter J Adams, Marilyn Mesher
Evie Mark, Ben Watt
Script/Creative Directors Sheila Watt-Cloutier, Taqralik Partridge, Bob Mesher, Gail Richardson
Director Albert Nerenberg
Producer George Hargrave
Editor /Special Effects Jason Levy
Camera Micheal Wees
Sound Martyne Morin
Music William Tagoona, Guy Lauzon
Additional Music Ned Bouhalassa, Angava, DerekTagoona,
Bobby May Jr,
Production Manager Sylvie Krasker
Assistant director/translation Maggie Angiyou
Location Manager Sammy Duncan
Camera & Drama Assist. Adam Nichols
Animation François Beaudry, Alain Dumais,
Sophia Southam, Chris Lam