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Midnight Sun
Running the Midnight Sun

To their friends they're eccentric, to the Inuit they're bizarre, but they consider themselves just ordinary people who like to push themselves to the limit. They are ultra runners.

Once a year, under a sun that never sets, they gather from all over North America to challenge an 84 kilometer gravel road located 700 kilometers above the Arctic Circle.

They come to run the Midnight Sun Ultra-Marathon.

RUNNING THE MIDNIGHT SUN is a documentary about the world's most northerly marathon race. Every year during the first weekend in July, 120 runners from around North America invade the Inuit community of Arctic Bay and the mining settlement of Nanisivik in Canada's Northwest Territories. They come to challenge one of the most unique and toughest marathon courses the world has to offer.

The stories behind the runners and the race make RUNNING THE MIDNIGHT SUN a revealing and humorous insight into the world of ultra running and life in the High Arctic.

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Production House: Nutaaq Media, Inc.
Producer/Director: George Hargrave
Camera: Werner Volkmer, Richard Burman
Sound: Philip Lanthier
Music: Neil Smolar
Editor: Teresa De Luca
Writer: Tom Perlmutter
Associate producer: Erica Pomerance
Format: Betacam SP VERSIONS: 52 min., English, French and International
77 min., English

Produced with the participation of TELEFILM CANADA,
CFCF TV, TVNC, RDI, and Vision TV