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North to Nowhere: Quest for the Pole

North To Nowhere: Quest for the Pole, is a feature documentary, recording the drama and the humor of six expeditions on their way to the North Pole in 1987.

For the past decades, the race to the North Pole has become an annual spring rite, a mad exhilarating attack by an array of adventurers from around the world. They are all trying to get to the North Pole between late March and early May, a six week window of opportunity, when the darkness lifts and the Polar ice is still solid enough to cross.

In North to Nowhere, nine adventurers from five countries attempt the Polar trek. They include Shinzi Kazama, a motorcyclist from Japan; Pam Flowers, a ninety pound dogsledder from Alaska; Nicholas Hulot and Hubert de Chevigny, ultra-light pilots from France and Dick Smith, an Australian helicopter pilot. As well, a planeload of American tourists fly to the Pole for a very expensive one hour photo opportunity.

Produced by Cleo 24 Inc.
Co-produced and Co-directed by George Hargrave