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Nunavik Heritage
Nunavik Heritage CD-ROM

The Nunavik Heritage CD-ROM project is a trilingual (Inuktitut, English and French) visual and textual resource on CD-ROM of 1000 photographs from the collection of the Avataq Cultural Institute.

The photographs reflect the life and people of Northern Québec (Nunavik) from the 1880's till the present. The flexibility of the CD-ROM software allows the images to be organized and retrieved by thematic categories such as specific individuals or families, geographical locations, time periods, historical events or photograph contents. The disc design maximizes user interaction and allows images to be printed or incorporated into other documents.

The CD-ROM is produced in association with the Kativik School Board for use in its social studies and culture curriculums and the Avataq Cultural Institute who will use it to increase accessibility to its collections.